This is the Future of Bathing Your Dog and There’s No Turning Back, We’re Sorry

This is what you get instead of flying cars.

The dear engineers at BISSELL have introduced an invention so revelatory that you may never have to give your dog a bath ever again. Consider it: No more whiny protesting as you fill the tub, no more desperate escape plans upon getting soaped up, and no more bathwater rainstorms that come with the furious shake-off. Instead, just a happy, clean, wonderful-smelling and gently de-furred doggo!

So what is this magnificent device that we’ve oh-so-tortuously drawn out with unnecessary description? Well, it’s the BISSELL BARKBATH™ and we’re not gonna lie, it’s basically a dog vacuum.

But DON’T PANIC. “Specially designed nozzles get beneath the fur and down to the skin to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank,” reads the description. So, yeah, it's a dog vacuum, but it's a very delicate dog vacuum that gently lifts away pet hair while giving your doggo a deep clean and beautiful sheen. Bonus: According to the product video, it's fun for the whole family!

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