6 Times Blac Chyna's Cooking Videos Actually Made Us Pretty Jealous

She's oddly engaging in the kitchen.

Let's be honest: Blac Chyna's Kardashian-proximity, hip-hop connections and Instagram stardom have way more to do with her ever-growing fame than her not-so-secret life as a home cook. But lately, her “Cooking with Chyna” cooking videos on Snapchat and Instagram have gotten more prolific, and gained even more attention. Bizarre and dubious as they often are, the videos are also oddly fascinating—and sometimes they actually make us want to jump into the kitchen.

As you might remember, the videos got a PR bump earlier this year, when Blac Chyna accused Kylie Jenner—her future sister-in-law and former love-triangle connection—of ripping off her idea with her own Cooking With Kylie segments. In more recent news, Blac Chyna has admitted to wanting to gain an incredibly ambitious amount of weight (her goal is 100 pounds) during her pregnancy, so that might have something to do with how OTT indulgent her cooking seems to be lately. We've been rubber-necking, and here are the videos that caught our eye:

1.  All the cheese

🍝 #CookingwithChyna

A video posted by @cookingwithchyna on

She sprinkles a whole blizzard of cheese onto her pasta. Yeah, we’ve been there.

2.  So much butter

Part 3 🍝 #CookingwithChyna

A video posted by @cookingwithchyna on

She made some kind of zucchini, squash and green beans dish. Then she buried it in butter, negating the healthy-veggies aspect. But winning on flavor.

3.  Even more garlic

#CookingwithChyna #Blacchyna Part 16.

A video posted by @cookingwithchyna on

“You can never have too much garlic,” says Blac Chyna in her shrimp scampi video. Can't disagree there.

4.   Food with a side of philosophy

#CookingwithChyna #Blacchyna Part 5.

A video posted by @cookingwithchyna on

“If you're in a bad mood, your food will come out bad,” says Chyna while putting a whole mess of veggies in a blender. Wonder what those poor vegetables did to her.

5.  Rule-breaking

🍝 #CookingwithChyna

A video posted by @cookingwithchyna on

So many home cooks stick to recipes to the letter, never breaking rules. Not Blac Chyna. Here, she adds oil to water that's already boiling. Totally not the safest way to go, but we love the IDGAF approach.

6.  Contagious excitement

All done 👏 Bon Appétit ! #CookingwithChyna #Blacchyna

A video posted by @cookingwithchyna on

When was the last time we got so gushy about the food WE threw together for our own weeknight dinner? She seems so impressed with herself every single time, even for the most hum-drum chicken noodle dish. But now we kind of want to eat this one. 

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