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The Notorious Black Burger Is Back and You Won't Believe Why

If there's something weird and it don't look good, who you gonna call?

There's a certain film that's such a beloved franchise, it's spawned several hit songs (you’ve probably heard them oh, once or twice), a sequel, a line of toys, an animated TV series, a video game, a new (semi-controversial) remake, and now … a burger.

The meaty homage, dubbed the "G.B. Burger" and offered as part of a special new "Ghostbusters"-themed menu at the Japanese burger spot J.S. Burgers Café, includes a ghoulish-looking black bun wrapped around a beef patty and a stack of eye-popping ingredients. According to reports, the black color comes from anchovy and black olive paste, and the burger arrives stacked with purple cabbage and tomatoes. No one seems to have addressed, however, what the burger's layer of fluffy white stuff is, but we're guessing it's a type of mozzarella meant to give a nod to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Or at least we're hoping.

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Perhaps you'll recall that other notorious black-bun burger from the not-so-distant past. Just last fall Burger King launched one it dubbed The Halloween Whopper, which was basically a regular old Whopper with a black bun colored with A-1 steak sauce. Turns out the thing was an epic fail in part because of a certain, er, bathroom side effect, which most of those who partook in the Halloween-themed fast food meal would probably like to forget.

J.S. Burgers seems to realize that, die-hard "Ghostbusters" fans or not, not everybody may want to dig into a  black burger, thus they've created other menu items that pay tribute to the film. There's also a "Slimer Smoothie" (though the only actual ingredient we can confirm by looking at it is kiwi); a “Marshmallow Mad Burger" made with marshmallow and oreos and wedged between a white-cookie-esque bun; and finally the straightforward-but-not-really-Ghostbusters-related "Black Chili Chips" made with tortilla chips, salsa, and some kind black (chili?) sauce sitting in a basket lined with what looks like a black trash bag.

Delicious? We have our doubts. Scary? Definitely.

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