Here's What Happens When Blake Shelton Gets Drunk, Eats Sushi for the First Time with Jimmy Fallon

Mmm, that hot hand towel sure looks tasty.

Can it be true that a star on the order of Blake Shelton has managed to get through life so far without EVER trying sushi? Well, "not like the raw kind" anyway, the country star confesses to Jimmy Fallon when The Tonight Show host suggests they share a multi-course sushi feast at Nobu. In Blake's defense, not all sushi is raw. But the man does appear to have never entered a Japanese restaurant before in his life. We started out thinking this bit was a total hoax, but we're sold now. Watch as Blake orders multiple rounds of rice wine in his delicious Oklahoma-by-way-of-Tennessee accent, even though it tastes to him "like Easter egg coloring." And then the sushi courses start arriving, and hilarity ensues. Definitely worth your five minutes: 

Our only question is: Was Blake truly shocked when Jimmy revealed the surprise final course? Blake's timing is a wee bit fast there. Just sayin'...But maybe that's because this dish is what every carnivore fantasizes about after an elegant seafood dinner.


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