Book Your Labor Day Weekend Travel Now: 8 Perfect Places for Summer's Last Hurrah

Squeeze one last epic trip into the season!

There’s still plenty of time left to book an end-of-summer trip — and you definitely should celebrate instead of letting the season fade out quietly. For that last bang-up adventure, book a stylish Labor Day weekend getaway to one of these North American destinations.

1.  The Adirondacks

For a lakeside wooded summertime experience with a beautiful view, spend a few nights in New York’s Adirondacks. These old mountains have long provided a retreat for busy New Yorkers and there’s a good reason why: The air is crisp, the water is clean, the folks are nice, and the views are jaw-dropping.

2.  Vancouver

Not far from the U.S.-Canada border is Vancouver, a town renowned for its cleanliness, beauty, progress, and polite citizens. The North Shore Mountains are an especially inspiring sight at the end of summer, when the snowcapped tops are juxtaposed against the lush green land below.

3.  Asheville

As one of the coolest and most beautiful towns east of the Mississippi, Asheville is North Carolina done right. The rolling Blue Ridge Mountains set a lovely September scene while the impressively chic downtown offers everything you could want to do (including tons of drinking and dining options) during a trip to a tucked-away mountain town.

4.  Salt Lake City

If you haven’t heard, Utah has it goin’ on. With desert scenes that will make you swoon, a lake like no other, and plenty of high-end options, Salt Lake City is a summer destination (too!) and it’s a great place to wrap up the season.

5.  Sayulita

Fly into Puerto Vallarta and skip up the beach a bit to the charming and relaxed town of Sayulita for a quick Mexican getaway straight out of your dreams. A dramatic and verdant landscape surrounds you here as stellar waves roll on in. Known as a laid-back surfing town, this is the perfect place to sink your toes into the sand and leave your worries behind. (And it's where they filmed Bachelor in Paradise!)

6.  Boulder

Colorado isn’t just a winter destination. (But you already knew that, right?) This Rocky Mountain oasis is perfect for hiking, healing, and helping yourself to one of its many luxurious offerings.

7.  Montreal

If a luxurious weekend of eating, shopping, walking, and sightseeing in French-Canadian territory excites you, hop on a plane to Montreal for Labor Day weekend. Everyone knows Montreal is beautiful in the fall, but its late-summer vibe is a better-kept secret.

8.  The Lost Coast

California’s Lost Coast is the stuff dreamy summer road trips are made of — dramatic scenes, winding roads, and an overwhelming sense that you’re finally disconnected from the stresses of your everyday life. And the scenery really comes alive at the end of summer — so there's no time like the present!

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