This Bourbon Spiked Pecan Pie is the Only Dessert You Need to Make This Holiday Season

The to-die-for Southern dessert just got even more irresistible.

How can a sweet, crunchy, buttery, gooey pecan pie get even more drop-dead delicious? Just add bourbon. Makes sense, right? The quintessential Southern spirit goes as perfectly with the Southern pie as shrimp goes with grits, chicken with dumplings, or collards with ham hock. This Bourbon Spiked Pecan Pie recipe, as simple as it is outrageously good, is a collaboration between Bravo and TheFeedFeed—and that means we've been gorging on it nonstop. Now you can too: Just watch this video, and check out the smart pecan tip from the TheFeedFeed editor Amanda Frederickson, who created the recipe.

And save us a slice, please?

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