Boyfriend Finds Out Girlfriend Is Responsible for Poisoning His Dog (Don’t Worry the Dog Is OK)

Could you forgive your signficant other for this?

"Must love dogs" is a common requirement for pet owners when it comes to choosing a signficant other, but perhaps that's setting the bar too high. Instead, maybe one could settle for "must be able to take care of dogs without accidentally poisoning them."

To this day, Julian doesn't know what led to his dogs Diesel and Minnie getting so sick that they were vomiting non-stop and had to be rushed to the vet ... but he's about to find out. Let's just say not everyone is aware that red velvet cake is really just chocolate cake with food coloring.

Watch the video above to see how he reacts to the news.

Bake Amends reveals the stories behind the internet's most shameful apology cakes. Will the offended accept the apology, or will the culprit get their apology cake thrown back in their face? Watch the episode above to find out, and check back each Monday for all-new episodes.


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