Brad Pitt Could Be a Big Loser in an International Custody Battle With Angelina Jolie

The global residences could also make it one of the most expensive divorces in history.

Brad Pitt

Brangelina's divorce proceedings are the only thing the Internet seems to care about today — but what about the kids? With residences spanning several nations, the custody and visitation schedule of the couple's six children could prove to be an especially complicated matter for the courts.

"My major concern is the court having jurisdiction if a custody fight begins," explains legal analyst and trial attorney Eric Guster. "These parents have enormous amounts of money and can fly their children elsewhere at the drop of a hat. The couple's adopted children are treated the same as children with their DNA. Once a child is adopted, the child is legally the offspring of the adoptive parent."

That means Brad will most likely have legal visitation access to all six children, even if they came before their marriage or aren't biologically his. Angelina reportedly filed for joint legal custody with Brad on September 15, but is seeking sole physical custody — an arrangement that would leave Angelina with the bulk of decision making and Brad with mere vistitation access.

"Joint custody is almost impossible when international residences are involved. The courts do not want the children to be bounced around the world or the country like tennis balls because the children need stability in their lives in order to grow and nurture."

But if Brad chooses to contest what Angelina filed for, which essentially gives her the rights to all major decisions like education, religious upbringing, and even what extracurricular activities the kids participate in, the fight could go down in legal history as one of the most expensive custody battles ever.

"The easiest of settlements could be handled quickly for tens thousands of dollars," shares Stan Cohen, attorney at law. "But the custody fight alone could cost millions for each couple for fighting this on an international level if Brad chooses to contest Angelina's requests."

The general rule is that if this kids are of school age, the kids stay in the home or general location of where they are and that's where the battle is fought out, be it the U.S.A., France, or otherwise. But with home schooling and this much and influence at play — almost anything can be fair game."

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