Brad Pitt’s Late-Night Pool Party Caused Hotel Drama: “Avoid at All Costs!”

The historic Spanish property got more than guests bargained for when the actor and his Allied entourage checked in.

The plot thickens. And the latest source to weigh in on the circumstances surrounding the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce is… a hotel reviewer on TripAdvisor?!

Indeed, Brad, Marion Cotillard, and the Allied crew and entourage stayed at the Santa Catalina Hotel in Gran Canaria earlier this year during filming of the movie, and it turns out a fellow guest at the hotel was moved enough by her negative experience involving the star’s behavior to write a review detailing the drama.

Evidently, the dad of six had was partying in the pool late into the night, and it was loud and disruptive enough to tick off fellow guests.

Reviewer Debs1900 from Dorset, who also stayed on the property back in May, began her review with praise for the five-star hotel: “Firstly I d like to say that this is a very beautiful old fashioned hotel that has wonderful architecture and very authentic but kept its old world charm which should of been a perfect stay.” But no, that’s not how it went down thanks to Brad, she wrote.

“Beware who's staying in the hotel as I hit the exact time that Brad Pitt was in town to film his new film Allied and the whole of floor 3 and 4 floor was taken up with all his film crew and entourage,” the reviewer wrote. Debs1900 went on to complain that the service for common people like her was all reallocated in favor of the stars on site.

And then there were the privacy issues: “I was given a room on the first floor above the entrance with a terrace that has no privacy at all and all the camera crews and the local Brad Pitt fans camping outside trying to get a glimpse or an interview had full view so not so good and then the fact there was a private pool party going on for Brad Pitt and all the local VIPs meant not only was the hotel full to overflow point but also very noisy until the early hours of the morning.”

Debs did offer props to Brad, even while noting his presence wrecked her stay: “Don't get me wrong I have every respect for Brad Pitt he is a fabulous actor but I would not choose to meet him nor stay in the same hotel as everyone has a right to privacy.”

She also noted that filming would continue for 45 days around the time of her review date, so she warned other would-be bookers, “Not sure how busy this hotel will be or how long or what dates Brad will be in the hotel so avoid at all costs.”

The Hotel Santa Catalina dates back to 1890. Since its opening, famous names such as Winston Churchill and Gregory Peck, as well as presidents and royals, have visited. (And let's not forget a certain A-list star at the center of a divorce drama!)

The hotel is located in the center of the Parque Doramas, an expansive park surrounded by palm trees. The property has 202 rooms, three large conference rooms, the restaurant La Terraza de Thomas, a spa… and of course that now-famous pool. 

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