Everything For Sale at This Online Grocery Store Costs Just $3 (Yes, EVERYTHING)

Is this for real?

If you're tired of blowing your money at Whole Paycheck every week, this just-launched online grocery store might be the answer to your organic, GMO-free dreams. It's brand-new and it's called Brandless, and it sells all kinds of essentials you'll want to stock your pantry with: pasta and grains, snacks, coffee, condiments, spices, and lots more. And amazingly, every single item on the site costs the same: $3.

How can this be, you might wonder? Well, Brandless cuts out what they call the "BrandTax"—all the hidden costs that get tacked onto national brands for things like distribution and marketing. The packaging is simple and straightforward, and the site offers about 200 carefully curated items, including a selection of cleaning products and beauty goods.

As if the price point weren't enough of an enticement, all the food items are GMO-free and many are organic and fair trade. And the products are on-trend, too; you'll find plenty of gluten-free and sugar-free options, like a gluten-free blueberry muffin mix, plus of-the-moment ingredients and foods such as quinoa puffs, coconut oil, and peanut butter powder.

And that's not all: Brandless is also selling kitchen tools and serveware at that same $3 price, so you can pick up a set of porcelain soup bowls, serrated bread knife, and measuring cups for under 20 bucks (watch out, IKEA!).

Not enough to convince you? To sweeten the deal even further, the company will donate a meal to the non-profit Feeding America for every purchase made on the site. A great price, great products, and great mission? We're sold.

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