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Love EU Too...Brexit Dating App Promises to Bring Together Like-minded Remainers

For Brits who voted to stay in the EU, it's now easier to find your soulmate. 

The 48% of Brexit voters who wanted to remain in the EU can now find lovers who wanted the same for their country.

A soon-to-be-launched dating app named Remainder will connect “the forgotten, Remain-voting 48 percent,” as the future of the United Kingdom becomes the great unknown. 

Post EU referendum, the site is being billed as “the dating app for the people who voted to save Britain,” and is calling those who voted to stay “remainders.” It will launch Saturday, just one week after the U.K. voted to withdraw from the European Union.  — but a website set up for the app has already attracted thousands of lovelorn "Remainders."'

The site's co-founders are two London based men who want remain anonymous. What initially started as a joke proved to draw real interest from voters who did not want to date closed-minded Brits who voted to break away from the EU.

The site is being finalized now and a crowdfunding page has been set up to help expand the project. The target of 16,141,241 signups is the expected number over time. That’s based on the exact number of people who voted to remain.

And our Brit mates have even opened the site to Americans looking for love, suggesting the U.S. citizen who is looking make the first move, since Brits are more reserved.

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