Bringing Your New Bae Home for the Holidays? Read This First

Welcome to the family. My crazy family. 

If you’re looking forward to this year’s holiday season because you’ve finally found someone who makes your heart beat to the tune of a Beyoncé song (and you’re thrilled your family will no longer be inquiring about why you are still single) you may still be a little nervous to bring your new boo home for the holidays for the first time. So before you board the plane, here are the four things you’ll want to do before you ring the doorbell.

1.  Give your plus one a heads up

While you may be worried about what your significant other will think about your family, chances are they are equally as nervous to meet them. Give them a rundown on who is who, who no longer speaks to who, and what they should avoid saying when they are around certain people who may start to rage when their political party or football team is talked badly about.

2.  Fill your fam in on the basics

Since this may be the first time your whole entire family wraps their arms around the new love of your life, let them know about the person who has stolen your heart. The more you tell them, like where they are from, what they do for a living and for fun, the more conversation starters they will have. This will be one way to avoid awkward silences.

3.  Have a backup plan

If you’re planning on staying at your parents' house for the week, with your love, you may want to have a plan B in case your family starts to get stir crazy. Perhaps stay a few nights at your old home then grab a hotel in a fun city nearby for the rest of the week, so you have a place to escape to.

4.  Beg your family to behave

Have one, or ten, stern conversations with your family members to ditch any and all conversations about your ex lovers, your embarrassing moments, or any other stories you don’t want your new boo to hear about, just yet. That way, you can (hopefully) avoid any awkward moments that involve you and only you.

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