Yes, You Can Send a "Bro-quet" of Beef Roses This Valentine's Day

Nothing says love like a meaty beef bouquet.

If you're wondering what to get the loveliest chef in your life this Valentine's Day, you can go with traditional roses, or roses that actually pair so much better with red wine because they're made of...beef.

Say It With Beef, an online retailer of meaty gifts, has come up with its version of a romantic Valentine's Day gift, one where beef jerky replaces regular rose buds. The beef buds are handcrafted and made from over a half pound of 100 percent beef jerky. The quirky food gift is apparently being marketed as the perfect Valentine's Day gift for men, and that means one thing: Yes, it's a "bro-quet."

According to the website, "No gift is more classic than a dozen roses, but instead of sending flowers that will wilt and die, why not send a Broquet?"

They're only available in the USA right now, though, so don't get any funny ideas about sending a salami to your boy in the army.

At $35 per dozen, they're also more affordable than real roses. Not to mention that they offer way more protein, which is the building block of muscle—and the heart is a muscle, right?

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