5 Reasons Why We're Eating a Ton of Brussels Sprouts Right Now

Eat them before they disappear.

Yes, this season is jam-packed with heavy foods, even heavier cocktails, and way too many sweets (not that we're complaining), but here's some salvation from all that gluttony: We’re also eating a whole lot of brussels sprouts lately. Here's why.

1.  Appreciate brussels sprouts while you can

We may not realize how lucky we are to have these delicious little cabbage-like balls, but it’s time to appreciate the lowly sprout: The UK is suffering from a pretty major shortage due to an infestation of so-called "super pests" ruining their crops. Gross. Could happen here, but hasn't yet.

2.  You can do surprising things with brussels sprouts

Ever tried shredding or shaving sprouts instead of cooking them whole or halved? This mouthwatering recipe by Sara Moulton involves shredded, sautéed brussels sprouts with pancetta and balsamic vinegar. Heaven.

3.  Brussels sprouts are even healthier than we thought

Back when we were kids and got force-fed sprouts, we were all too well aware of how healthy they were. But little did we know there's a whole world of delicious sprout dishes out there, and that they're much tastier when they're not boiled to an inch of their lives. Health-wise, they're loaded with cholesterol-lowering benefits, are good for our thyroids, and in some studies have even been shown to offer protection from certain cancers.

4.  Sprouts haven’t been given a fair shot

To that end, brussels sprouts haven’t always been given a fair chance. You may not enjoy them boiled or steamed, but once you've tried them stir-fried or roasted, you’ll be singing a different tune. There’s nothing boring about this crispy fried brussel sprouts recipe from The Pioneer Woman, for example.

5.  Brussels sprouts may even help you lose weight

This time of year, we’re drinking and eating passed appetizers at one party after another. No better time than to try to achieve something resembling balance: Brussels sprouts are packed with fiber and low in calories (depending on how they're prepared, obviously) and can fill you up, fast. And maybe even save you from that third helping of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.

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