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WATCH: Bulldog Keeps Barking at Horror Movie to Try and Warn Victims of Danger

"BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK" = "There's a psycho behind the door, MOVE!!!"

Anyone who has ever watched a horror film is all-too-familiar with the irresistible impulse to scream at the characters on screen when you know danger is around the corner. Despite the fact that the soon-to-be-victims are not real, it is just human instinct to try and penetrate dimensions to protect people from killers or psychos or Babadooks.

But for this English bulldog named Khaleesi, it is also a canine instinct. As she watches a scary scene from The Conjuring, she can’t help but bark loudly at the TV, desperately trying to alert the children in the movie of the evils that lurk behind the door.

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