The Burgerizza Exists! Here's Where You Can Get Your Hands On It

Why not pair that 'rizza with tater tot waffles and a sandwich topped with energy-drink BBQ sauce? For real.

It takes a strict diet and a scary amount of discipline to play for a pro sports team. Being a fan, on the other hand, requires much less willpower—which is fortunate, since certain lucky spectators this season are privy to an insane roster of food options. Concession stand vendor Delaware North, which provides the food for Atlanta's Turner Field, is throwing some serious curveballs for the Braves' last season at the stadium, not least of which is the Burgerizza.

The mash-up is a commitment in more ways than just its $26 price tag. A knife and fork carbsplosion, it transforms two entire 8-inch pepperoni pizzas into sandwich buns wrapped around a 20-ounce burger topped with bacon and five slices of cheese, according to Eater Atlanta.

If that only whets the appetite, fans can also score devastating options like the Punisher, a smoked rib sandwich glazed with a BBQ sauce infused with Monster Energy drink and topped with a giant beer-battered onion ring and candied bacon; then there's the Tater Tot Chop, a "waffle" sandwich made with tater tots, bacon , cheese, jalapeños and Coca-Cola ketchup.

But that's not all: Atlanta TV station 11 Alive notes that there's also something called a Sausage Sundae, but it's not a dessert. Instead, a smoked sausage is meant to look like a banana split, only it's topped with mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pulled pork and BBQ sauce.

No word yet on whether Turner Field will have extra paramedics on call. But they'd better.


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