Cannabis Sommeliers Exist in the World Now, and They'll Pair Your Food With the Right Kind of Weed

Now this is the growth industry of the future.

In the ever-expanding universe of cannabis chefs and fancy edibles, along comes a new growth industry: weed sommelier. How did no one think of this before? 

The 31-year-old entrepreneur Philip Wolf has launched a marijuana/catering company called Cultivating Spirits, after becoming one of the nation’s first cannabis sommeliers. Bloomberg reports that Wolf, who completed two levels of schooling at the Trichome Institute in Denver (we assume that’s like the Harvard of weed studies?), offers dinners catered meals paired with matching strains of cannabis.


The particular lineups of food, wine and weed change from client to client, but Wolfe and his dedicated employees make sure the three are always working in harmony. Using a method known as Interpening, Wolf breaks down the makeup of each strain of cannabis and turns it over to the chef, who creates a matching menu. The goal? Expanding the palate of clients. Especially millennials. As Wolf told Bloomberg, “What I’m trying to teach millennials is to slow down a little bit, to get in tune with themselves and what they’re putting in their bodies, to focus on different tastes and textures.”

So, how much do you need to pony up to tune in? A typical three-course meal for 10 will run you about $1,250, while a full-service wedding package will be closer to $10,000. (Though, of note: the wedding package includes a “bud bar,” which is kind of intriguing in its own right.)

If you aren’t quite ready to shell out for the experience, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you smoke enough pot, anything you eat will seem like an amazing sensory exploration. Even that 75-cent bag of chips—just sayin'.

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