Cara Delevingne Booked a Whole Island in the Maldives to Throw an Insane, Weeklong Party

Her closest 160 friends made the journey.

Cara wasn't walking in this year's Victoria's Secret fashion show, although she was invited, because she was somewhere else: on a plane to the Maldives!

The model/actress and her sister, Poppy, Snapchatted their journey via private jet from Gatwick to the gorgeous island. They partied it up there all week.

Rumor has it Cara and crew didn't pay for their stay but instead promoted the hotel on social media in exchange for staying there. It's a page from the Kardashian-Jenner clan travel handbook, and the M.O. among tons of other celebs.

Why take just a few friends when you're offered a whole island? There were 160 guests joining Cara for the party including Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, and Rihanna. 

Home for the week!!! #maldivesbeachparty

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To get to the island you fly into Male, then you have to take either a speed boat or another plane to the hotel's island. The whole journey sure makes for some sick views!

So hard to leave @finolhumaldives #Maldivesbeachparty

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Needless to say I'm THRILLED to be here #maldivesbeachparty @finolhumaldives 🎉

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The beaches there rival any in the world, and they won't even be around forever. In fact, the Maldives is going to be gone one day as sea levels rise — sometime expected to be in the next 100 years, in fact.

Properly in heaven #maldivesbeachparty #finolhu #island #fun #vwcamper #bestbar

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This party of a lifetime is at Finolhu Baa Atoll. The starting price for a room there is $700 a night, and it's often more than double that. It holds up to 272 people so there's room for all your pals.

According to the Daily Mail, the party took six months to plan and contained five different themed parties within it. There were stilt walkers, pretend mermaids, and acrobats. Poppy found the mermaid costume and gave it a try-on for Snapchat. She couldn't quite lift the tail, saying, "It's heavy!" (First-world problems, are we right?)

There are even mermaids on this island ! #maldivebeachparty #mermaids #maldives #heaven

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One of the parties was themed after That 70's Show, and the girls certainly looked the part.

Another night, they did a huge hip-hop party and they all dressed to the nines.

Hip hop night galore ! @maldivesbeachparty @finolhu @hiphopnight #delevigneisland

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The hotel describes itself as "a refined, retro-inspired island paradise for the fun-loving beach-erati, and an unexpected revival of the halcyon days of the classic chic getaway." Sounds about right!

❤️ @finolhumaldives #Maldivesbeachparty

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@finolhumaldives #maldivesbeachparty

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The crew used the hashtag #MaldivesBeachParty to document the whole baller bash. And according to Poppy, they were "never leaving."

Never. Leaving. #maldivesbeachparty @finolhumaldives 🌴

A photo posted by Poppy Delevingne (@poppydelevingne) on

Alas, all good parties do have to come to an end — eventually.

So hard to leave @finolhumaldives #Maldivesbeachparty

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