Spoiled x 3: Did You Know Carole Radziwill's Dog Has Three Parents?

Meet the ambassadors of dog-sharing!

Baby the dog has a pretty impressive life: she makes frequent guest appearances on The Real Housewives of New York City, her photo was featured in the Most Stylish New York 2015 list, and—oh yeah—she has not one, but three fabulous parents.

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If you weren’t already aware, Baby not only belongs to Carole Radziwill, but to marketer Tripp Swanhaus and model RJ King—Meghan King Edmonds’ brother—as well. (Meghan proudly refers to herself as "Baby's aunt"!)

The trio is at the forefront of a relatively new trend called dog co-parenting, as reported by The New York Times style section. The friends (who live in three different apartments in the same SoHo building) collectively decided to get a miniature goldendoodle, and then split the dog’s time among them. Enter: Baby.

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While the arrangement is unconventional, it’s keeping in step with the new community-is-better philosophy. There is already a dog-sharing app called Bark’n’Borrow that pairs dog owners with dog lovers. It’s great for the owners because they don’t have to resort to boarding their dogs; it’s great for the borrowers because they get dog time without the huge commitment; and it’s great for the dogs because they get plenty of playtime and socializing.

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It’s true that many dogs thrive on their relationships with their owners, but there actually could be an upside to having multiple human companions. “Dogs don’t like to be alone,” Alexandra Horowitz, author of Being a Dog told the New York Times. “But they are eminently flexible in dealing with new situations, and they can get bored with the same routine every day.”

Sounds like the perfect solution for a dog with jet-setting parents like Baby’s. No matter how far-flung her model/marketer/Real Housewife parent may be, there’s always a cozy, familiar apartment to call home and a friendly face to snuggle with. No wonder she always looks so content!

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