Carrie Fisher's Family Wants to Thank Heroic Airline Passengers

They worked valiantly to try to save her.

Carrie Fisher died following a medical episode on a transatlantic United flight. But the response of skilled and compassionate passengers on the plane in efforts to save her did not go unnoticed by the star's family in their time of grief.

Family sources tell TMZ that they would like to thank two individual's on Carrie's flight, of-duty emergency workers who tried to save her when her heart stopped.

When the flight attendants got on the intercom system to ask if there were medical professionals on board who would be willing to come forward, these people did — bravely and it turns out quite tirelessly.

One of the volunteers reportedly is a nurse, and according to TMZ's report "worked like crazy" to keep the star alive, even though they couldn't detect a pulse on her for a full 10 minutes.

The family believes it is the efforts of these responding passengers that gave them some precious days to say goodbye at home.

The family plans to contact the airline to see if they can connect with the passengers, according to the report.

In another recent mid-flight episode involving a celebrity, which thankfully ended less tragically, Richard Marx worked to restrain a violent and agitated passenger, using a taser and a rope, for four full hours on a Korean Air flight in the days before Christmas.

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