Cat Is All, WTF Is This Stuff Falling from The Sky?!

Is it attacking me? I think it’s attacking me.

Typical domestic cats are totally terrified of being outside. Even if it's perfectly temperate and sunny, they're like, "WHAT IS THAT GLOWING ORB? WHY IS THIS GREEN STUFF TOUCHING MY FOOT? WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO PEE?" But not Tarachan: he is a Japanese long-haired Scottish Fold who always “wants to play outside on his own,” according to his mom, @yayoi89.

But on this particular winter day on the porch, Tarachan got a surprise from the sky: his very first snowfall. He observes the snowflakes with classic cat suspicion, eyes wide with skepticism, probably presuming that the snowflakes are out to get him. Watch as Tarachan tries to suss out the snow: 

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