Q: What’s Better Than Pizza Hut? A: A Pizza Hut Run Entirely By Cats

Your move, Papa John's.

Faithful fans of animals working at fast food pizza chains will likely remember this past winter when Domino’s Japan hired a fleet of reindeer to deliver pizzas in the snow. Honestly, we thought to ourselves, “Wow, that’s pretty cool. Bet there’s no way Pizza Hut can out-do that!

But, of course, we were super wrong, because Japan is Japan and they are always fifteen steps ahead of us in the anthropomorphic animals game. Enter: the all-cat Pizza Hut. As usual, everything is in Japanese, but what we’ve gleaned from the video is that a cat named Shinjin is taking over and giving you 22% off pizzas.

Further investigation on Pizza Hut Japan reveals Shinjin’s pizza-loving origins (very rough translation courtesy of Google): “It is loved by the shopkeeper who is good at business, and it grows up with a character that is sharp with the business temperament. One day, Dora helped me where I was involved in Nyanky on the back alley and I have a longing. Pizza cat! I thought that if I work in a shop I will bring it closer and enter the store. However, what I was waiting for was my first job of spreading a large amount of Nyan-chan dividing coupons.” So that clears that up!

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