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Classy AF Cat Just Rings a Bell ‘Til You Serve Him Breakfast in Bed

This cat doesn’t get out of bed for less than 1M a day.

Would you like to meet Pecan the cat? Okay, well you’re gonna have to march yourself right over to his bed, because heaven knows he is not getting out from under his sheets for the likes of you. Even then, he might accept your visit or he might not—it all depends on his mood that day.

Oh, and while you’re headed over there—ding!—please bring him a cheese omelette. Oh, you didn’t make him a cheese omelette? Then—ding!—you better hustle your ass back to the kitchen and start frying up some yolks and gruyere. ‘Cause—ding!—this cat is classy and he doesn’t get out of bed until breakfast is served to him proper. 

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