Cat Yoga is Now a Thing at Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Café

Insert “downward dog” joke here.

Seattle—that pinnacle city of irreverence and Patagonia wear—has found a new way to out-eccentric itself: cat yoga.

The “Feline Flow” class at Meowtropolitan, Seattle’s only cat café (Really? They only have one?), is somewhat of a misnomer. We imagined a hippie-style cat lady encouraging kitties to lean into Vinyasa poses, however it’s actually just a normal yoga class inside of a cat café.

Before you get too disappointed, take note of the unspoken rule: when a café resident assumes a snuggly position on your body, you must hold the pose—and the cat. That is, until the cat decides to jump off, which it most likely will, because it’s a cat and probably isn’t very comfy balancing on your tree pose. (Shavasana, maybe.)

“This is a very lighthearted exercise that I think everybody can enjoy,” café owner Andrew Hseih told King5 Seattle. “I think yoga and looking at cats and being around cats is obviously very relaxing as well.”

The cat lounge currently homes 17 cats from the Regional Animal Services of King County and they are all up for adoption. And honestly, what better way to bond with a new best friend than a friendly sun salutation?

Need further convincing? “You should all come to cat yoga right meow. Because it is purrfect!” says one of the café’s Purristas. Touché.

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