Celebrities Are Using This Underground App To Hook Up With Their Own Kind

First, you have to be accepted by an anonymous committee. 

Khloé Kardashian, Trevor Noah, Diplo, Joe Jonas, Cara Delevingne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Samantha Ronson, Hannibal Buress, John Mayer, Skrillex, Matthew Perry, Kelly Osbourne, and Zach Braff are just a few of the “creatives” on the ultra-exclusive celebrity dating site, Raya. And although she refuses to say the name of the app until they pay her for an endorsement deal (smart), Amy Schumer met her furniture designer boyfriend Ben Hanisch on the app.  

It debuted in March 2015, and has quickly become the number one app for famous people to meet other famous people. You can see who is on there when the person’s profile pics pop up in a slideshow set to whatever song the famous person chooses. But there are strict rules to play in the elite Hollywood playground. Raya uses a committee to select who can join based on their Instagram influence, and generally how cool you are.  The point of the app is to keep the profiles private, although with a Google search, you can find many of the celebs who use it. To gain access, first you have to apply for approval. An anonymous committee then decides if your job title and name is worthy of joining. The app is often called the “Illuminati Tinder.”

But, the site also accepts “creatives” and “influencers,” which is how Amy’s boyfriend was able to join. You also need friends already on Raya to recommend you for the site before you apply. While there’s a gaggle of professional models on the app, any attempt to screenshot someone’s profile will get you kicked out if you post it online. If you’re invited in, both people need to tap the heart on each other’s profiles, then you can start chatting. It costs the famous, and very likely rich, members $7.99 for one month or $23.99 for three months. 

Raya isn’t the first app to cater to “special people.”

Users of the app often comment on what it’s like to be on there, with one saying she was put on an approval waitlist, and now thinks it’s just a shallow online nightclub

“So I heard about this app from a few friends, so I downloaded gave three references and have been waiting four weeks, plus my friend a couple weeks later also signed up...within two weeks was put on a waitlist,” she says. “Meanwhile I'm still being reviewed let me begin by saying I'm not one to jump to conclusions however, I am an attractive, creative business owner looking to network, and also a mother…putting on waiting list seems equally as shallow as a nightclub in the heart of Hollywood.”

Another says the waitlist is because the people on Raya are above ordinary

“I’d say Raya's users are a cut above those you'll find on any other app. The problem is, however, that like every other dating app, no one talks to each other after they've matched,” he says. “I Hope Raya might figure out some incentives to make their beautiful app not go the way of all the others.”

Yet another user says Tinder “has become the dating pool equivalent of riding the city bus.”

“Finally someone out there is catering to like-minded people who share similar tastes and would likely be connected in the real world if they had only met,” she says. 

But Tinder is still A OK for Andy Cohen, Chelsea Handler, and Ryan Lochte, who was on the app at the Olympics, but only because of an endorsement deal. He is now engaged

Another luxury matchmaking app, Sparkology, only accepts men who graduated top-tier schools (think Ivy-league), and you’ll only be accepted with the proper degree and a referral from a current member. 

Sounds a lot like that real-life beautiful people club.

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