7 (Awkward!) Times Celebrities Were Just Like Us on Airplanes

It's not all first class and champagne in the skies, even for the A-list.

Recently Hayden Panettiere had a couple of incidents on commercial airplanes that reminded us a lot of — well, of the way us regular folk are often forced to fly. By that we mean commercial, often in coach, where we're wide open to prying eyes of nosy or badly behaved fellow passengers. Including Hayden's recent awkward moments, here are seven times celebrities' flying experiences reminded us — perhaps too much for comfort — of our own airplane nuisances and indignities.

1.  That one time Hayden Panettiere had to clean up her daughter's pee in a lavatory (but at least she had help!).

2.  And that time Hayden flew in coach... but was stoked to get the whole row to herself.

3.  That time even Ivanka Trump flew coach (and it didn't go very well).

It turned into a whole big drama.

4.  And that time Hillary Clinton flew coach and a fellow passenger captured a now-viral photo.

Note the newspaper headline...

5.  The time Kandi Burruss got into some unfortunate luggage drama that escalated.

Eventually, she told us the whole story behind it.


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6.  That time even (gasp!) Erika Girardi wore sweatpants for a long-haul flight.

The whole Real Housewives of Beverly Hills crew was en route to Hong Kong.

7.  And that time the least likely person on the earth — Anna Wintour — did it too.

...according to a very surprising Watch What Happens Live moment.

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