Celebrities Who Kiss and Tell...and Why People Reveal Sex Details In Public

John Mayer is guilty of it. We pretty much all are. 

John Mayer did it in Playboy. Wilmer Valderrama did it on Howard Stern’s show. 

Of course, we’re talking about sex. And so did they—literally. The singer and performer both went public about their sexcapades with their famous girlfriends and hookups.

John Mayer overshared with the magazine in March 2010. He spilled details about what it was like to make love to ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson, comparing her to a drug he just couldn’t get enough of. 

“Sexually it was crazy …It was like napalm, sexual napalm,” he told the publication, adding, “drugs aren’t good for you if you do lots of them.” 

He also declared that he would sell all his belongings just to keep having sex with her.

Wilmer Valderrama took it even further in his notorious interview with the King of All Media, ticking off a list of his alleged conquests back in 2006, that included Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mandy Moore. Wilmer even claimed to the shock jock that he had taken Mandy’s virginity. Both actresses denied any sexual connection to the star. He also checked off Ashlee Simpson, Jamie Presley, Rosario Dawson, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan.

“They want to relive the experience and that sexual high,” declares Fran Greene, flirting, dating and relationship coach and author of The Flirting Bible. “It’s a notch on the belt, whatever that is, to look better in front of buddies.” 

And that’s not a good thing, Fran stresses. At the least, it’s immature, adolescent behavior beneath grown men. At its worst, it’s a major case of insecurity.

“Picture this: you have a sexual conquest, and you announce it to look better in the eyes of other people, but you don’t fill that hole and you always feel empty. It’s this vicious circle and it never ends,” Fran explains. 

Social media has also made it way too easy to brag about our sex lives. 

“We live in a very public world. It’s as if some of the things that are most private, scared and beautiful no longer have their place just in the hearts of the two people who are sharing it,” she theorizes.

While women are not immune to sexual oversharing—Lindsay Lohan’s list of bed partners found its way into the pages of a tabloid magazine—Fran says that women tend to talk about sex with their girlfriends. 

So how can one break from his need to broadcast his bedroom habits? 

“Talk to your partner about how fabulous the sex was. Journal it,” Fran suggests. “Write your partner a steamy note and send it in the mail. Can you imagine getting a letter? Relive that moment just with the person who made you see stars.”

Fran concludes with, “We should start good-mouthing our sexual partners, by keeping our mouths shut.”

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