Chelsea Handler Talks Dating On Tinder...Beards Are OK, Bad Shoes a No No

The talk show host admits she is very very picky. 

Chelsea Handler hit Today on the promotional rounds for her Netflix show Chelsea, which has been renewed for a second season, and the talk turned to her dating life.

While Chelsea said she's loving her new job and learning alot, she also discussed an episode dedicated to Tinder, which she admitted to having a profile on

When co-host Billy Bush said he found it "fascinating" she had waded into the Tinder waters, Chelsea replied, "I’ve been in those waters for some time Billy, yes."

Is it working on her quest for love?

"It works when you work it, it’s just like AA," she joked. "You have to really be involved if you want progress and results. You’ve got to really get in there.

"So for instance, since I live out of L.A., when I come to New York, it’s the perfect opportunity to go on my dating apps and say who’s here for the night, who wants to meet for a drink after I’m done with my responsibilities.

"Yeah [people believe it’s me] I mean there are people that are well known on those sights. Yeah, of course [I use my picture] I’m not pretending, I mean whose picture am I gonna use, his [Al Roker]?"

Chelsea admits she's "very picky" when it comes to attraction.

"I’m not open to almost anything actually. People think that I am, but I’m not, that’s a mistake. A lot of things happen, like you go out to dinner, or you have a drink, things are going great and then you get up and you see the wrong pair of shoes, and then it’s a wrap on that. It can be jewelry, male jewelry I don’t find…I don’t like that. Any sort of weird shoe situation, you know when men try a little bit too hard, or cologne for instance, I can’t handle cologne. Beards are fine, I mean beards are cool, a general beard is fine, yeah."

Chelsea says her new show is the college education she never had. 
"I’m enjoying my new job I love my job. I’m really linking it because I’m learning," she said. "My intention was to make sure I didn’t have the same format every single night because I got bored last time."

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