We're Totally Hypnotized by These Gooey-on-the-Inside Cookies & Cream Puffs

Playing the video over and over again is almost (almost) as exciting as indulging in these amazing things.

Only one word comes to mind when we look at these oozy, creamy, chocolatey Cookies and Cream Puffs: Yes. To elaborate: We want some. Immediately. Thanks to this Tasty video, via Delish, now we can make them at home with, um, no fuss at all. The ingredients couldn't be simpler, and we actually have all of them in our kitchen already. Now all we have to do is watch: 

And watch again. Oh wait, did we say we were going to make these?  The recipe isn't quite as simple as the ingredient list (we knew there was a catch), but watching the video is doing it for us. If you need us, we'll be over here, hitting replay.

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