This Genius Chocolate Mousse Recipe Uses Just Two Ingredients

One of them is chocolate, obviously. What's the other?

Chocolate mousse. It's the upscale, more sophisticated version of chocolate pudding. It's French, for goodness' sake — and therefore inherently fancy and ultra-delicious and sexy and just superior in every way imaginable. Mais oui!

But all that luscious, chocolatey goodness must be difficult to create, right? Lots of decadent ingredients and perhaps some advanced chef-y techniques?

Nope. The generous folks over at Food52 have shared this brilliantly simple recipe (OK, it's from chemist-chef genius Hervé This, and yes, he's French) for a creamy, flawless chocolate mousse using just two ingredients: Chocolate. And…water.

No cream. No butter. And not even some kind of expensive, niche bottled water, either; just regular ol' tap water will do just fine. (Well, depending on where you live, of course.)

Simply melt the water and chocolate together, then whisk the melted chocolate over a bowl of ice until the mixture thickens and achieves that melt-in-your-mouth, creamy consistency. Refrigerate or serve immediately.

And if you feel like splurging on a third ingredient, you can add a dollop of whipped cream on top. After all, you deserve it.

Watch the quick how-to video here:

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