Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Used This Emoji as a Secret Code to Tell Each Other When They Needed a Vacation

When Hollywood got to be too much, the megastars had a shorthand for communicating.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris may have ultimately had to split, but they tried to make it work. And, as is the modern way of love and relationships, one way they tried took the form of... emojis.

It turns out the pair sent one specific emoji to one another when they were feeling overwhelmed with Hollywood life and felt the need to escape it all. But it wasn’t the airplane, or the palm tree, or the little island — it was something a bit more coded, that only they understood.

“I send the emoji of an eagle landing to say, ‘Let’s get away to the islands,” Faris told People. “We both grew up in Washington State, and we have a place up there.”

And it makes sense that the pair often felt overwhelmed, especially lately: Chris just wrapped up Jurassic World 2. And consider that just this summer alone, Anna is working on the remake of the Goldie Hawn movie Overboard, promoting The Emoji Movie, and making podcasts to boot — of course, all while both were also parenting their toddler.  

Just a week after announcing their breakup, Chris was spotted getting on a private jet in Los Angeles, and it was unclear where he might have been headed. But perhaps, with this latest tidbit, Anna just provided clue.

Travel + Leisure noted Chris might logically also be in Hawaii, where he spent a lot of time — living in a van — before his career launched into hyperspace.

“I had a friend who was like, ‘Dude, you’ve got to come out here,”’ Pratt told Entertainment Weekly about that period in his life. “We set up camp on the beach and lived the dream.”

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