Do NOT Watch This Chris Pratt Video if You Want to Learn How to Clean a Fish the Right Way

Who gave this man a knife?

Chris Pratt is a man of many talents. When he isn’t housebreaking Velociraptors or, uh, guarding the galaxy, he’s busy with other important pursuits like memorizing Dr. Dre lyrics and not taking selfies with Jennifer Lawrence.

And when none of that is going on he (apparently) likes to spend some time outdoors, enjoying all that nature has to offer while brushing up on his fishing skills. (Spoiler alert: they could use more brushing up on.)

In a video shared by Vanity Fair, Pratt invites viewers to join him as he walks them through the steps of cleaning, gutting and cooking a fish he “caught.” (The quotation marks will make more sense after watching the video.) Needless to say in typical Chris Pratt fashion the video will leave you laughing more than learning.

See what we mean:

This preparation method brings a whole new, very literal, meaning to the idea of butchering a fish, and will probably leave you hesitant to eat seafood anytime soon. Still, as with anything Chris Pratt-related, we’re not only glad we watched, but we’re certain we’d tune back in for a sequel.

Maybe a video showing how to properly grill a steak?

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