Chrissy Teigen’s Mind-Erasingly Cute Baby is Petting a Bunny So We’re Dead Now

Luna Legend + rabbits = RIP us.

Not so long ago, we made a declaration: Chrissy Teigen is the Best Person Alive and She Has the Best Dogs Alive and That’s That. What we failed to mention is that she also has the Cutest Daughter Alive (with apologies to our own daughters)—like she is so cute that she’s actually kind of hard to look at, just like how the sun will literally blind you with its shine.

So yeah, we were already signaling an SOS anytime Luna showed up in Chrissy’s Instagram feed, but then the supermodel went ahead and posted a video of Luna at a petting zoo meeting a bunny. So now we have to go ahead and make our own funeral arrangements because we have been slayed by fatal levels of cuteness.

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While that was the only video of queen Luna herself, rest assured that Chrissy posted a few other photos of her losing her mind over super cute petting zoo animals, and we are happy to share them with you here:

Petting zoo party

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Dreams come true

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