These Outrageous Coffee Drinks are the Most Delicious Ways to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Cotton candy, bacon, and an ice cream cone with our coffee drink? Yes, we want it all!

Coffee addicts run the gamut, from those who mainline caffeine just to jump-start the day, to others who geek out on artisanal small-batch-roasted varieties, to those who treat coffee more like dessert. Luckily, more and more cafes around the world are happy to oblige those sweet-toothed coffee lovers, dreaming up the wildest concoctions involving everything from favorite childhood flavors to sophisticated and totally unexpected twists. Here are some OTT coffee drinks we're craving right now:

Edible Espresso Shots

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in Los Angeles serves espresso shots in ice cream cone cups lined with dark chocolate, deliciously blurring the lines between dutiful drink and decadent dessert.

Cotton Candy Coffee

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Mellower Coffee, an Internet cafe in Shanghai, serves hot coffee with a cloud of cotton candy perched over the top. Eat it on its own or melt it in the cup for a sweet new sensation.

Maple Bacon White Mocha

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Black Rock Coffee Bar in Portland wants you to #drinkbacon, so they've infused a mocha with maple and Torani bacon syrups. The idea? To capture the flavor of a pancakes-and-bacon breakfast in a cup.

Fennel Seed Cappuccino

Each branch of Cafe Demitasse in L.A. allows its baristas to create their own signature drink. Head to the Little Tokyo outpost to try the highly unusual "Taste.E.Double Hockey Sticks," a fennel seed cappuccino with sea salt and cacao nibs.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte

The new Corridor Cafe in San Francisco offers a delicious play on a childhood treat, as Lamill espresso gets frothed up with cinnamon toast syrup, crispy cereal crumble and milk. Come to think of it, why not just skip your bowl of cereal and drink this for breakfast?

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