Comedian Kevin Allison Tried To Escape The Stage The First Time He Ever Tried Stand-up

He ended up back on stage thanks to the audience.

Comedian Kevin Allison recalls the very first night he tried stand up in 1996 at the Luna Lounge in New York City.

He jumped on stage, excited to start a monologue he had written, but was struck with the thought, "I’m all alone up here." Kevin tells his story First Fails, a series done with Mashable.

I started a monologue, got to end of first paragraph, I went completely blank," he laughs.

Then he started all over again, got to the exact same place and went blank, saying the audience was thinking, "Why is he repeating himself?"

Kevin turned to host saying, "I can’t do this,” not realizing that the entire audience heard him. Next, he "had to flee."

“I had to climb over people to try to escape,” he said, attempting to jump over a railing to get off the stage.

But the audience wouldn't let him leave. "You can do it, do it, do it!" they chanted.

The crowd gathered to body surf him back to the stage.

"Somehow that made the whole monologue come back to me," he says.

The lesson?

Kevin says, "There is always someone to catch you if you fall."

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