Comedian Vehemently Defends Guy Fieri, Tears Down Anthony Bourdain Fans in Hilarious Stand-Up Routine

"People s*** on that dude all the time, and as far as I can tell, all he ever did was follow his dreams."

It’s no secret that Guy Fieri is a frequent target for all kinds of jokes. He’s got a big personality and a very, um, unique sense of personal style, which makes him more open to criticism and attacks than your average “blends in with the wallpaper” kind of guy.

And when you throw in things like the incredible Pete Wells review of Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, or the Guy Fieri swimsuit…let’s just say it adds plenty of fuel to the fire.

But one comedian doesn’t get where all the hate comes from. And he makes a surprisingly convincing argument.

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In his debut stand-up album Established 1981, comedian Shane Torres tears apart Fieri detractors, asking them to come up with any justification for making fun of a guy—er, Guy—who really hasn’t done anything wrong. In fact, he’s done a lot of good things, as Torres points out: “He started a company where he hires everybody, he pays more than minimum wage, he gives health benefits before he has to, he has a nonprofit where he gives pretzel-making machines to inner city schools so they can fundraise. I know that one sounds like I made it up, but I swear to Christ it’s true."

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Pictured here: Good guy, Guy Fieri

Torres laments that just because Fieri “looks like a Hot Topic manager moonlighting at a Fridays,” it doesn’t mean he deserves the relentless mocking. The comedian also points out that the much-beloved Anthony Bourdain “seems like the kind of person that would be mean to dogs” and essentially puts on a Rolling Stones shirt and goes around telling food carts they suck. But no one seems to have any problem with him. (Possibly because he doesn’t seem like the kind of person you want to get into it with.)

Check out the hilarious full track below and maybe reconsider whether Fieri really deserves all the fire.

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