If Earth Feels Overwhelming, Here's When and How You Can Get Off the Planet

It's actually sooner and cheaper than you might think.

This planet is getting awfully tense. Some of us may even be wondering... when can we get out of here exactly?! (Looking at you, Erika Girardi.)

An intergalactic getaway may not be as far off as you might think, if you've got the cash.

Tesla Motors C.E.O. Elon Musk has longterm ambitions to fly people to Mars via his company SpaceX. While it's not happening as quickly as he'd like, Space.com notes that his projections could have people cruising up to the fourth planet by 2025.

That's about the same timeframe given for the beginning of commercial flights to the moon. The Telegraph reports that Moon Express founder and billionaire philanthropist Naveen Jain has announced his intention to start offering lunar flights by 2026 at an estimated ticket price of just under $10,000.

Meanwhile, former music mogul and current aeronautical entrepreneur Richard Branson is pushing forward with his plans to launch Virgin Galactic, the first commercial spaceline. After a 2014 accident put the potential debut back a few years, the company recently completed a first successful test launch for the fleet's new spaceship, VSS Unity. According to Space News, more than 700 people have already signed up to take the first suborbital flights into space from New Mexico, which could conceivably begin before the end of the decade.If you've got a cool $250,000 to plunk down as a deposit, you too can apply to be a "future astronaut" with Virgin Galactic.

In short, you have some decent options for getting off this spinning orb in the pretty near future.

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