Constance Zimmer On Playing "Rough, Mean" Women and Being a Mom In Real Life

The actress is very different from the characters she plays on TV.

Constance Zimmer, 45, seems to have the mom/work/life balance all figured out. In real life, the UnReal star is nothing like her ballsy TV boss character, who doesn’t like kids and is on the clock 24/7. The beautiful actress sat down with Good Housekeeping to talk about the importance of being lighthearted (not the Quinn kind) with her daughter, Colette, 8. 

“I was a gymnast when I was 9. The other day I was giving my daughter cartwheel lessons and all of her friends were looking at me like, ‘How do you still know how to do a perfect cartwheel?’ It’s just like riding a bike, it comes back just like that. Then I tried to do a one-handed walk over and that wasn’t as pretty. I still flipped all the way over, but it wasn’t pretty,” Constance says.

On having no clue as to why she constantly gets cast in tough women roles, she says, “You know, I have no idea why I get cast as these kind of very rough, unfiltered, mean women, but I’ve always asked my directors and they say to me, ‘Well it’s because you’re not like that in real life.’”

Constance agrees, saying she isn’t like her bullying boss character at all.

“You can’t play these super, super aggressive women if you are that already, because then it’s just one note. It has no color, it has no life underneath it. I think that’s ultimately where those women have heart and they shine from the inside out, because I can never be that cold no matter how hard I try, and so there’s always happiness and vibrancy brimming among those characters.”

As for her husband, director Russ Lamoureux, whom she married in 2010, she says they “find time for each other, whether it’s a dinner out or just staying home to talk and check in.”

“It’s important to me that our daughter Colette, sees two working parents who can still stay engaged and be present. So we really do kind of make it a full circle with all of us, making sure that we all have enough time together.”

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