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Playful Corgi Puppy Wants to Be Chicken's Best Friend But Chicken Wants None of It


There are about a billion reasons to love Corgi puppies. Chief among them: their propensity for belly rubs, their approval from the Queen, and their undeniable levels of cuteness (especially when mixed with other breeds).

But if you really want to make us squeal with delight, pair a Corgi with a farm animal. Farm critters just have a certain type of working-animal duty and seriousness that perfectly juxtaposes with Corgis' playfulness, and this chicken right here is the perfect example.

See here: Baby Corgi lightheartedly approaches chicken, like "HEY HEY WANNA PLAY?" But the disinterested chicken is like, "Sir, I have important work to do. I have to lay eggs and provide sustenance for the public at large." Then the Corgi is like, "WHAT? CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN PLAYTIME PLAYTIME PLAYTIME PLAYTIME?" and the result is the cutest, most non-reciprocal interspecies non-friendship of all time.


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