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Couple Invite 300 People To Massive Rainy Day Wedding, Only 10 Show Up

Unfortunately, a storm was a comin'.

They invited 300 people, but only 10 showed up. 

A freak storm nearly ruined the wedding of a young couple from Henan, China, on Saturday, but the duo showed up to get married anyway despite the unfortunate weather. 

As the two said their vows, one of the worst storms to hit China in recent history was happening outside. With warnings to stay indoors, many of the guests couldn’t get to the ceremony. 

But bride Zhou Tian treated it like a pro, getting up early to get ready despite hearing the bad news. As she arrived in the ballroom, she found it nearly empty, but her groom was still waiting for her at the altar. Just 10 guests had made it. 

While exchanging vows, Zhou brought up the disaster happening outside, saying, “No guests, that's OK; no one to pick me up, that's OK; no fireworks, that's OK. I just need you, it doesn't matter even if you came here drenched from head-to-toe. No matter what happens, I will marry you."

The handful of guests who had made it were all crying. According to the BBC, the traveling conditions were so dangerous due to massive flooding in the area from the downpour. 

The couple’s story has gone viral in China, chalking up 12,000 likes, more than 1,300 comments, and 1,600-plus shares on Weibo

A few didn’t seem to understand you can’t control the weather. 

"Family and friends didn't come? How unkind," said another. 

"So she couldn't postpone the marriage?" wrote another. 

But one summed it up perfectly, writing: "This is true love, two hearts who sincerely love each other—everything else is vanity.”

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