Cravings: This Cotton Candy Shake is Making Our Winter Day

We knew there was a reason why we got out of bed on this chilly midwinter morning.

Asking why you'd eat an icy milkshake on a cold winter day is like asking why you would eat soup in the summer. Because. It tastes good, it hits the spot—period. Today, what we're suddenly craving desperately is the cotton candy milkshake from Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer in New York.

While we’ll never say no to a milkshake in standard flavors like vanilla and chocolate—and truth be told, most of the time we'll opt for the classic version—this diner-like burger joint is taking our childhood fantasies to a whole new level with this thing. 

It all starts simply enough: A strawberry shake gets topped with whipped cream and presented in a soda fountain glass. But then the madness begins. Pink and pearl-colored chocolate balls are attached to the glass with frosting, and the milkshake gets showered with clouds of cotton candy, two rock candy lollipops and (just in case that's not enough sugar and tripped-out visuals) an oversized swirly lollipop for a super-fun, surely ill-advised treat that's putting a smile on our face on a chilly winter weekday. 


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