12 Truly Bats*** Things People Tried to Get Through Airport Security

So, so, so not OK.

Next time you're sauntering through the TSA security checkpoint with a forgotten water bottle or full-size aerosol sunscreen, you can go a little easier on yourself for your transgression. (Even if, admit it, you actually did remember you had the sunscreen... but it cost $40 at the resort pool and you didn't want to toss it.) You're OK. You're still a good person.

Because you see, on the regular, nefarious (or possibly just dumb?) people are trying to sneak truly terrifying items by security agents — and we're not talking about Thanksgiving leftovers or even sex toys.

In some cases, these folks probably succeed in passing their items undetected — and we'd rather not think about that for now. Instead, let's turn our attention to these recent items confiscated by TSA and shared on the agency's rather intoxicatingly fascinating Instagram feed.

1.  Replica Suicide Vest

2.  Some Kind of Knife-Talon Thing

3.  A 'Walking Dead' Replica Weapon

4.  Post-Apocalyptic Bullet-Adorned Gas Mask

5.  A Legit Machete, You Guys

6.  An Axe

7.  10 Black Powder Cartridges

8.  A Flask of Black Powder, to Make Matters Creepier

9.  A 10-Inch Sling Blade

10.  A Belt Knife

11.  Charming Brass Knuckles

12.  A Nerdy But Deadly Batarang

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