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Waterfalls, Islands, and History: Why Your Next European Adventure Should Be Croatia

The stunning country has it all.

Ready for an escape to crystal-clear waters and drool-worthy islands? In our newest digital series,Midday Getaway, we’re giving you virtual postcards of beautiful locations right when you need them most — like when you're just trying to get your head in the game after lunch at your desk. Our third location, after Thailand and Hawaii, is Croatia.

Fly into Dubrovnik, where you'll get started in stunning waterfront Old Town. Spend some time in Plitviče Lakes National Park, a reserve in central Croatia, with waterfalls to make your eyes water. Check out the ancient Diocletian's Palace in Split. And definitely buddy up with someone who can take you out for some epic yacht time.

Take a minute out of your day and get away to Croatia!

Midday Getaway

Our newest digital series highlights exotic locales in virtual postcards — all the inspo you need to pack your bags and go!

It’s Greatest Escapes Week at Bravo’s travel destination, Jet Set! That means a special slate of travelers’ (and wanderlusters’) dream content, like hacks, bucket-list worthy destinations, and the inside scoop on celebrity travel. Andy Cohen serves as guest editor, with more exclusive travel tips and insights from uber-insiders. Come on board and off we go!

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