Crystal Meth, Free Weed and Other Halloween Tricks You May Find in Your Treat Bag This Year

Do with this information what you will.

It happens every October. Someone you know swears a friend of a friend of a friend knew a neighbor who had a kid who was out trick-or-treating and got poisoned by a candy bar.

But the stories about people purposely handing out poison candy seem to be, just like many other Halloween myths, nothing more than urban legends. Still, that doesn't mean people haven’t found some bizarre things inside of candy wrappers, as Delish reports. Here, just a few of the choice discoveries.


Why would anyone ever give away free weed? They wouldn’t. At least not on purpose. But that’s exactly what happened when a San Francisco postman took a bag of Snickers from the undeliverable mail pile and gave it out to trick-or-treaters in his neighborhood. As it turns out, each of the wrappers was filled with pot instead of candy (someone’s failed attempt at transporting drugs via mail), which left the incredibly unlucky postman in a quite a sticky situation. Fortunately for him, no charges were pressed.


One mom in Ohio said her son got more than just candy when his preschool handed out Halloween treat bags. When he got home from school the young boy opened a box of Milk Duds but was instead greeted by three .22 caliber bullets. The mom quickly opened a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th box of milk duds only to find more bullets. We hope this goes without saying, but just in case—Halloween PSA: Don’t let your kid eat bullets.

Crystal Meth

Is Walter White living in your neighborhood? If so, do a thorough inspection of your Halloween candy so your trick-or-treaters don’t end up like a girl in Hercules, CA, who came home with a .1 gram bag of crystal meth after going door-to-door one Halloween night. Not exactly the score most trick-or-treaters, at least the adorable little ones in Sesame Street costumes, are going after. 

Other treats you might find in your bag this Halloween? Everything from needles to razors to glass—yum. Might want to wait until dawn before you go tearing through that stash.

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