Cuteness Overload! Biracial Twin Girls Are Quickly Becoming An Internet Sensation

Their mom says the chances of this happening were "one in a million."

These adorable twins in Quincy, Illinois, are becoming a sensation across the country.

In a rare chance for twins to be born with different skin colors, nine-month-old Kalani inherited her mother Whitney Meyer’s, 25, lighter complexion, while her twin sister Jarani got her darker complexion from her father, Tomas Dean, 23. The girls were born five minutes apart, with Salani arriving first.

Biracial couple Whitney, who is caucasian, and Tomas, African American, had a one in 500 chance for their twins to be born with different skin colors, Whitney learned, although she says her mom says it’s more like “one in a million.”

“The funny thing is when they were born I thought Kalani was albino because she was so white. The nurses laughed,” Whitney tells Personal Space. “Then you could tell Jarani was mixed race.”

Whitney says the girls, Kalani, now crawling and getting into everything, and Jarani, who loves to be cuddled, dress the same and have caused a sensation in their small town—even teaching some people a wonderful lesson in love.

“I come from a smaller town where there is racism and people are so judgmental,” Whitney says, adding, “you can’t not look at my girls and not love one and the other.”

“A lot of families around here don’t like biracial couples, but I don’t let anybody control my happiness, and the girls have been a real lesson because they are sisters,” she says. “I have seen so much positive stuff and honestly, I’ve read all these comments on their picture and it’s so good it makes me really happy that people are happy for me. We are a biracial couple, so that means everything to me. We are all equal.”

The girls were born on April 23, 2016.

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