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Inspo of the Day: Teeny-Tiny Dachshund Named Schnitzel Bosses Around a Big Ol’ Horse

Slay, wiener dog, slaaaaay!

Got something big in your life that’s staring you down? A marathon training, a spring cleaning, a difficult conversation with your manager? Do you need a little inspo to build yourself up? A little motivation to GET EFFING PUMPED and CONQUER YOUR CHALLENGE?!

Step 1: Take a good long look in the mirror. Step 2: Take a good long long look at this miniature dachshund named Schnitzel. He may be small—not even one foot from the ground—but he is about to grab a lead, hold his head high, and march this giant Connemara named Chief all over the damn town like a champion among wiener dogs.

You know what he’s saying to himself? “I might be a teeny-tiny pupper but I am THE BOSS of THIS HOSS!” If Schnitzel can do it, so can you. SIMPLY FIND YOUR INNER SCHNITZEL.

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