Best Dad Ever Builds 5-Year-Old Daughter a Backyard American Ninja Warrior Course

Just take two minutes and watch the whole thing, it's inspiring. 

Lylah MacCall is more athletic that most kids (or adults.)

The five-year-old, who is already training to be on American Ninja Warrior, is practicing in her own backyard thanks to her father, Gavin MacCall, who built her her own mini course. (There are tons of stuffed animals spectators.)

With obstacles like the "Hanging Steps at Christmas Tree Corner" and "The Log Thingies,” which Lylah named, she jumps over everything with ease. There's even a small-scale climbing wall, and at one point, Lylah clubs over a giant log onto the roof of a shed.

The family has now started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for building materials. “This super active little girl would love more opportunity to play and train for future Jr. Ninja Warrior* compeitions. With funds raised we can build new obstacles get some scaffolding to experience new training techniques. (*Jr. Ninja Warrior competitions are completely made up by Lylah's Dad)” says the description. 

He wrote on Facebook, "Her practicing everyday on the playgrounds around our neighborhood has really given her the strength for this course. This years course got much more involved and would not fit in the house. There are bigger plans for next year and Lylah could use some support. Visit her GoFundMe page if you want to help out."

Just last year, Lylah was less skilled, doing an indoor course made of tipped over couches and assorted furniture. 

They’ve almost hit their $500 goal for more wood and tools on their funding page, with one commenter who donated saying, “I was born and raised in Denver, the youngest of 3 girls. I was her age in 1971 and my dad was progressive enough to teach me how to climb trees, race go-carts, and other stuff that girls didn't really get to do back then. You are an awesome dad and a feminist dad!! Sorry I cannot donate, bit I love your story and your daughter. She rocks and shines because you makeep it possible for her to go after her dream! Just awesome.”

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