Dad Sells App for $54 Million, Bails on Life for Permanent Vacay With Family

They sold all their worldly possessions and hit the road.

How does it make you feel when you hear about affluent people who ditch their lives to go travel the world? To many, it’s the most envy-inspiring life choice imaginable. To others, the whole thing is one big humblebraggy scam.

We’ll let you decide where you fall on the spectrum when you consider this family: a 25-year-old tech millionaire and his wife who sold everything to travel the world with their two young kids.

The family, from Utah, made its loot when dad Garrett Gee sold his mobile-scanning app to Snapchat last year… for the modest price tag of $54 million. 

The Gee family then sold all their worldly possessions, including a $48,000 Land Rover, and set off last year for what was supposed to be a six-month journey around the world. But all was going so well, they’ve now been traveling for nine months… and counting!

They put their millions in the bank, and report they’ve been living off the earnings from the sale of their material stuff.

On their blog, mom and dad describe themselves as “pretty chill folks.”

So far they’ve been to South Pacific locales like Fiji and Hawaii, plus Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and other bucket-list destinations. 

“We feel like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness before we can set up our future life and home,” they wrote on their blog, The Bucket List Family

Their stated goals for travel are: “become closer as a marriage and family, be good friends to the people in our lives, live a life of service and compassion, learn to find happiness with less, become more open minded and open hearted, love and respect nature and the planet, and create life long memories.”

It's an Instagram feed to inspire major wanderlust in anyone... whether you fall on the "totally jeal" or "rolling eyes" side of the spectrum.

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