We’re Calling It Now: 2017 is the Year of the Cat Rapper

Loving on cats has never been more hardcore.

UK-based rapper Dan Bull opens his new song “Stroking a Cat” with the lyrics “This is not a subject many are approaching in rap…” While it’s true that rap is currently dominated by rhymes about butts and money and DMs, cats are certainly having their day.

We have already documented the self-anointed Cat Rapper iAmMoShow who exclusively raps about cats, so Dan Bull better recognize that he has some competition on this side of the pond. That said, Bull swears that “If Jay-Z had a baby with a crazy cat lady, their DNA would mutate to make me.” That’s a pretty bold statement—so WHO IS THE TRUE CAT RAPPING KING?

Bull’s quasi-viral hit has already amassed ~174K view. Judge for yourself:

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