Scary Stuff: Woman Neglects to Tip Pizza Delivery Guy, He Leaves a Super-Creepy 4-Page Note on Her Door

This is definitely not OK.

Being a delivery driver is a tough gig. You’re driving all over town, you’re sitting in traffic, you’re delivering in bad weather, you’re trying to keep all your orders straight, and you’re not exactly raking in the money while you’re doing it. Which is why it’s so important to tip delivery drivers whenever you get something delivered to your house.

But just because you don’t give a tip to delivery drivers, it should never justify a creepy, threatening note being left on your doorstep.

But that’s exactly what happened to Lauren Ledford, a California woman who ordered a pizza through Postmates, as reported by Delish. Incorrectly believing the somewhat-lofty delivery prices Postmates charges included a tip for the delivery driver, she chose not to add an additional tip on top of her pizza payment. One week later, she returned home and found that the slighted delivery guy had left a four-page note taped to the front door of her home.

Yea, scary sh*t.

The letter rambles a bit, but like all creepy manifestos it somehow manages to be threatening, racist, sexist, insulting, head-scratching, condescending, awkward, and scary all at once. At one point the author refers to Ledford's next food delivery, writing, “And if it turns out that delivery driver is me again, and you do not tip yet again, I'm probably gonna rob you. I'm only joking, but not really. Don't risk it though. Who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can’t afford to eat that day is capable of?”

In her Facebook post, Ledford writes that she had alerted both her local police department and Postmates, though she hadn’t gotten any response from the delivery app at the time of her first post. In a follow-up post she notes that Postmates suspended the driver, but is refusing to share his name, which she requested in order to file a restraining order against the driver. She writes, “It's really scary knowing that they have suddenly cut this man's income off and will not help to ensure my protection from this psycho.”

Scary sh*t indeed.

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